Name That Book



Boston’s sixth grade students participated in the very popular contest entitled “Name That Book” last night on Monday, November 16th. This year’s competition was held at Westville School sponsored by the LaPorte County Public Library. There were 18 teams competing in this county-wide event!! Out sixth grade students did a fabulous job! All participants were awarded a Name That Book certificate and a gift card from Little Caesars Pizza. In addition, our winning teams were presented with a trophy and a gift card from Family Express. A big thanks to all the sponsors!

We had two teams make it to the final round. We are very proud of these young ladies and gentlemen! Congratulations to all those who participated in this academic competition, especially the winning teams, including:

Second place team members: Cartesia Bair, Zoey Loucks, Nick Menchaca, Jeremy Groth, and Johnathon Groth.

The third place team members: JP Collins, Aaron Kroening, Danielle Lilly, Nathan Lilly, and Makenna Micallef.

Name that book 2