Devyn Rush empowers fellow Slicers


 Former American Idol contestant Devyn Rush teamed up with Hey U.G.L.Y (Unique Gifted Lovable You) to spread its message on how to overcome bullies and self-doubt on December 1st at LaPorte High School.

  Too many high school students are victim to emotional abuse and violence. According to the Department of Education, bullying is the leading cause of eating disorders, substance abuse, self-injury and suicide. LaPorte High School strives to educate Slicers on the importance of spreading kindness and staying positive to keep a safe and healthy school environment.

  “I am hoping the student body learned how powerful their thoughts and ambitions can be; we all need to stand to be nicer to ourselves,” tenth grade English teacher, Mrs. Kanney, said.

  During the assembly, Rush shared her personal life story with the student body. When she was in high school she was severely bullied to the point where she stopped attending classes and considered self-harm. It took confidence and maturity for Rush to realize that bullies unfortunately lack a sense of self-worth and, ultimately, do not have power over anyone.

  “It was nice to see another person’s stance on bullying because I know a lot of people have suffered from bullies. I learned a lot from Devyn, and I hope our school can have another assembly like that some time,” Andrea Franklin, freshman, said.

  Rush’s awakening empowered her to spread her story to teenagers in the hope of helping them overcome their doubt within. By teaching teenagers they are enough, they will soon realize that so is everyone else. Understanding the dynamic of self-love and respect is critical in bully prevention because bullies often lash out on other people for not feeling positive about themselves.

  Overall, the assembly held a powerful message for the student body and assisted them in coming to a greater understanding of being a victim and being a bully.

  If you or anyone you know is being bullied or having trouble with self-doubt, contact Hey U.G.L.Y at Hey or call 219 778 2011.

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