Top gifts trending in 2015


Dustin Mace, Co-Editor-in-Chief


  Every year, people strive to find the best holiday gift that they can possible get their hands on. Although each year, the trending gifts change due to the various interests of people. Given that Christmas is only about a week away, the last minute shoppers are out and about looking for those final deals and top quality gifts.

  First off, for this year’s trending gift, is the Nutribullet. The Nutribullet is a small, compact blender that is primarily used to make smoothies. This device is known for its ability to create a very smooth beverage in only a few seconds. The Nutribullet ranges in price, anywhere from about $70 to $80.  

  Next up is The Spiralizer. The Spiralizer is a device in which you insert one’s favorite vegetables into the device and it turns almost any boring and ordinary vegetable into a creative stringy pasta. This device, on average, is about $30.

   With the coming of the new year, many people set resolutions to lose weight or eat healthier. With the Fitbit flex band, one is able to track one’s steps, distance, and calories that one is burning. It also shows how close one is getting to their goals. In addition, this device also tracks one’s sleeping patterns and can suggest ways to help get a better night sleep. The data this device collects is accessible through a computer or tablet and is Android and Apple compatible.  This band, in stores, costs about $50 dollars.

  Switching from health to entertainment, each year, there is a movie that sticks with us throughout the year. This year some people just did not know how to let it go with the movie Frozen. This year, one could buy a singing and skating Elsa doll for their loved one. The doll reenacts a scene from the movie, while singing the movies widely popular song, “Let it Go.” This doll, on average, costs anywhere from about $40 to $45.

  Finally, the Crosley Cruiser record player, or any record player in general is popular this season. Due to a recent increase in the sales of vinyls, the record player itself, has also increased in demand. The Crosley Cruiser, specifically, is wooden, bound in a leatherette material, that is lightweight and easy to transport. This device comes with built in speakers so that one will not have to connect the player to a separate speaker system. This record player ranges anywhere from about $65 to $100.

  Although these may not be all the trending gifts of 2015, they hopefully provide a basis in which one is able to work off of to find the perfect gift for a loved one.