Coping with the loss of a friend


“He’s gone.” Two words that hit harder than anything anyone has ever told you. He’s gone. The thought runs through your mind on replay. He’s gone. You wonder if there was something you could do to change it, something you could have said or done to alter the outcome of this nightmare. Sadly, the time has come to cope with this tragedy and realize there is nothing you can do. He’s gone.

  Unfortunately, no one prepares themselves for the death of his/her best friend, and, typically, the thought of losing them does not run through his/her head on a normal day. The loss of a friend makes a person feel miserable; the person they spend all their time with is gone. The feeling of this loss generally breaks a person down, and they feel angry, sad, depressed, and worthless. For there is nothing more they can do for their fallen friend, except mourn and come to terms with their grief.

  The first step in accepting a loss is to understand that you will feel grief and anger, because it is natural. A person whom you felt love and compassion for has just been robbed from your presence, and, frankly, you are angry. It is important to let this anger out in a healthy way. Writing a letter to your friend who has passed will help express the feelings bottled up inside and channel your anger in another direction. Let go, have a good time with your other friends, and surround yourself with people to keep your mind off of the pain. Allow yourself to laugh and feel happiness because you cannot change the events that have already taken place.

  Once you have successfully let out your anger, it will be easier to find acceptance and find peace in life without your best friend in it. Try remembering the good times and memories you shared together. Also, talk to your friends other friends, as they are feeling the same hurt and anger that you are feeling within. Together, you will help each other grieve and possibly find a friendship within.

  Finally, realize that your friend might be gone, but they are always with you in spirit. Remember the things you accomplished together, the milestones you passed, the good times you had and the bad. Your friend can live on through you and the memories you held together.

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