College is not for everyone


 “You have to go to college to be successful in life.” So many young adults hear this from their parents, teachers, and almost every adult they come in contact with, but with the skyrocketing prices of college and low employment rate for most grads, college just is not the dream it once was.  

  Though college is important when pursuing many professional careers, it is not necessary for every profession. Most career fields require on the job training, but the average student will spend 4+ years sitting in a classroom taking classes that are completely irrelevant to the occupation they are trying to attain.

  Many students assume that going to college will land them a high paying career, but unfortunately this is rarely the case. When executives are looking for new employees, they seldom look into the classes a student took; their main focus is the training and possible internships that give students the experience they need to be successful in this field.

  In today’s society, the need for jobs has risen, but the amount of jobs present are becoming more and more slim. With this decreased need for certain professions, many students find themselves spending $5,000 to $20,000 in tuition for a career they cannot attain.

 Most importantly, some high school seniors just do not have the will to sit through four more years of school. They end up dropping out of college and wind up having to pay endless amounts of college debt.

 This is not an excuse for students to live on their parent’s couch for the rest of their lives, but one should be passionate about their life ambition, even if that means skipping out on a higher education. Instead of going to school, use those four years and thousands of dollars to travel or start a new business.

  It is important for everyone to follow their dreams after high school, even if that dream does not include college.


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