Slicers shoot to success


 The LaPorte High School varsity boys and girls’ basketball team took home the biggest wins of the season against Michigan City on Friday, January 22 in the Slicer gym.

  The Slicer girls started the game strong managing to keep a five point lead throughout the vicinity of the game. The girls finished the game with a final score of 67-59 claiming a point for the Johnson Road Rivalry Trophy, which is a traveling trophy bounced back between Slicers and Wolves with all sports.

  “We had an incredibly strong defense, and we definitely played to the best of our ability,” senior Jocelyn Colburn said.

  The boys started the game with a six point lead and were fearless against Michigan City. Heading into the fourth quarter, Slicers had a whopping 13 point lead. As the fourth quarter progressed, the Wolves fought back, almost surpassing the Slicers. Though the Wolves brought fierce competition, it was no match for the Slicers. The game finished with a score of 63-57.

  “Overall, Friday was a great game. We just did our thing and did not let the Wolves speed us up or intimidate us. I think the boys pulled through and really showcased what we bring to the table,” junior, Owen Strieter said.

  The game was held in honor of LaPorte National Guard, military personnel, and veterans.



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