More than a number


Throughout life the term “fat” is thrown around like a rock shattering a dusty pane. Because it is so painful, the thought of becoming fat is avoided all together.

  I have never had the fear of becoming fat. I have never worried about not fitting into something, never worried about the size of my pants, and never worried about what other people thought about my weight, until recently.

  Recently, I have found myself over analyzing my body. Recently, I started taking other people’s opinions into consideration. I started obsessing over this image of perfection. I longed to be perfect, skinny and beautiful, in my eyes and everyone else’s.

  The truth is though, my weight does not get to make decisions for me. So, I will wear the clothes I want and I will be the person I want, because I am beautiful to me.

 So recently, I have accepted my size because no person can put me down with such a meaningless word. Recently, I kicked everyone’s harsh words to the curb. The size of my body cannot define me.

  I am here to tell you that you are beautiful, too, if your heart is golden and your intentions are true. Some people do not understand the pain we cover up under our thick but strong skin. People do not understand that the word fat runs through our mind every second of the day. That if we could change the fact that we are a little larger, we would.

  Why do we need to change? Why do we have to be ashamed of our bodies just because other people said we should? The answer is easy, we do not.

  We need to embrace our inner beauty because, after all, it is what is on the inside that counts. Be the person you want to be not who society tells you to be. Make people look past your size because your size does not make choices for you. Your size does not control your life, you do.     

  Your size is not an enemy. Your size is you, and it is about time you step into your beautiful skin and love it for what it is.  

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