A new approach to senior year


For many students by the time senior year rolls around, their patience has worn thin, and the thought of coming to school for 180 more days is dreadful; however with the Business Cooperative Education Program (BCE), students have the option to attend half a day of school, instead of a full day.

  BCE is a career technical education program offered to seniors that uses a composite approach to instruction. In BCE, students are required to attend a workshop once a week, complete assignments in Google Classroom, and work a minimum of 15 hours per week.

  On a regular day, students in BCE will attend school until 3rd hour. After leaving school, they are to report to their workplace. One day out of the week, students meet with Mrs. Maxey, the College and Career Readiness counselor, to go over the week and discuss future plans. In addition to that, students are to complete coursework daily through Google Classroom.

  “I love this program because I went through it myself as a high school student.  It was my HS business teacher/BCE-DECA Coordinator who made the greatest impact on my life. She has been my teacher, mentor and friend for many years now.  BCE/DECA teaches real world experience, and stretches the student to be the best that they can be.  Involvement in this program builds leadership skills, critical thinking and college and career readiness,” Maxey said.   

  BCE prepares students for college by emphasizing on soft skills, teaching critical thinking and problem solving, as well as preparing them to be leaders.

  “What students put into the program is what they get out of the program, so those who get actively involved will benefit the most.  All should be taking some leadership skills, business etiquette, etc with them,” Maxey said.

  BCE has motivated its program members to be a part of something new at LPHS. They have submitted business plans to Mr. Tonagel to reopen the school store as a School Based Enterprise run by students.  It is in the pending stages currently, as they get through some “red tape” with taxes and healthy eating.  Students really want to open a Coffee Shop. Maxey’s hope is that each year students will write business plans, name the store and have a grand reopening every year for that set of students taking ownership of their SBE (school based enterprise).

  “This program helps you budget your time with going to school and going to your job. It helps prepare you for real life situations so when you get out into the workforce you’re ready for it,” Chase Swedersky, BCE member said.

  If any junior wishes to sign up for BCE for their senior year, see Mrs. Maxey in the school Bookstore.



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