A generation worth listening to


Many times there is argument whether young people can teach life lessons to older people. More often than not, the answer is “no” because of the experience and history older people have, but with the younger generation rapidly changing today’s society, this argument seems unjust.

  In today’s society, social media and the use of mobile devices has become second nature to the younger generation, but our elders are often unfamiliar with operating these devices. By guiding older people, it will help them to stay in contact with friends and family in a simple yet fast manner.

  “I think older people can learn about technology from younger people. They teach us to accept it, embrace it, and not fight it because it is going to be here regardless if we want it or not,” Mr. Swan, LPHS entry monitor said.

  Many older people are consumed with the worry of the world. They focus on paying bills, paying taxes, and keeping up with politics. Their level of stress is through the roof, but with a younger person’s help, they can adapt to a more lax lifestyle. Though younger people have stress, they typically do not let it consume their lives. Younger people often take life one day at time, and they strive for ultimate happiness and do whatever it takes to achieve that. Younger people can show older people to have fun again and push their worries aside.

  A major lesson older people can learn from younger people is the idea of tolerance. The younger generation does not care what people look like. They do not judge based on the color of someone’s skin or who they choose to love. Younger people can help teach older people that it is what is on the inside that counts. We should accept everyone for who they are even if we do not agree.

  “The older generation can learn how to let go of things because younger people are very accepting and do not judge others,” Sam Behenna, senior said.

  Younger people are often looked at as juvenile, but the truth is, they are changing the world around us. By teaching older people to adapt to the current lifestyle, they can help younger people be the change.

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