The idea of being perfect is often out of reach and unrealistic; however, one LPHS student has claimed perfection is one impressive way.

  Heather Neely, a LaPorte High School senior, has never missed a day of school in her entire educational career. From Pre-K to the final week of senior year, her desk has never been empty. Interestingly, health was never the aspect that made this feat difficult.

  “I rarely ever get sick, so health wasn’t the hard part. The hardest part was seeing my friends go out and have fun while I was at school. As a child, my mother taught me that attendance was very important, and from then on I was determined to never miss a day,” Neely said.

  It wasn’t until 8th grade until Neely realized the magnitude of what she was doing. During this time, she became determined that she was going to accomplish something most would never dream of being able to do.

   High school days ticked by, and soon Neely found herself up against one last challenger: senior year. Senioritis often wreaks havoc on most students, and they find themselves taking full advantage of the five allotted days each trimester. Neely was here each day, even on Senior Skip day.

  “Senior Skip Day was especially hard, because all of my friends went to the beach or somewhere fun and I wasn’t able to participate, but I don’t regret a thing.”

  Sometimes the most important part of life is just showing up. Neely has taken this idea to a new level. 13 years. In 13 years she has never missed a day of school, and that is something very few can claim.


That one word will forever be how LPCSC remembers Neely.

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