The ultimate Slicer: Jay Seaburg


When people think of their experience at LaPorte High School and the people who have made an impact on their time spent there, there are a few faces that come to mind. One of those individuals is the smiling face of Jay Seaburg.

Seaburg is a friend to many, and the impact he has made on the school as only a junior is immeasurable. He gives any one he sees a bear hug, and he is always having conversations with everyone.

“So many things come to mind when I think of Jay. He is serious, but lighthearted. He is happy, yet focused; he is always busy and always doing something. He is polite and kind to everyone. He is just a good person to be around,” Mr. Swan, LPHS entry monitor, said.

Seaburg leaves a mark on everyone he comes across whether it be fellow classmates, teachers, or other members of the La Porte community. He is remembered by teachers who have never even have him class. He loves to have many friends, and with each of those, he has a special bond that is hard to break.

“I think that his enthusiasm and his energy are contagious. He is always so excited to see you, and he always has a hug for anyone that he meets. I think that he is just a superfan of all sports,” Mrs. Cooper, English teacher, said.

Jay is the type of person who changes the atmosphere as soon as he enters it. He is never sad or frowning, no matter the situation, and that is admired by the many people who surround him. He loves to play around and make jokes. There is rarely a moment when he is not happy.

“He is kind to everyone, he treats every person the same. I think that is what is most admirable about him, because naturally as humans, we judge other people out of instinct; I know I am guilty of it. He is better at that than I am; I am still learning not to judge people at 72 years old,” Mr. Swan said.

The  lessons and attitude that Jay shows and teaches reach people of all ages. The way he lives his life is something that many people are in awe over. He teaches people to look at everyone the same way. He teaches people to greet everyone with open arms. He is a friend that is always there to talk to.

“When you see Jay and how he operates, and what he does, it makes you fall short yourself. It makes you think ‘What am I worried about? What am I doing worrying about this little stuff?’ Here’s a guy, with the problems he has, and the way he handles them every single day is amazing. He has an amazing attitude, I have never seen him down in two years, he is always bubbly,” Swan said.

Not only does he make big impact on other people, there are a few people who really have been a special part of his life- people he will always remember. They have helped shape him into who he is today.

“Mr. Hart, my middle school science teacher, because he has a loud voice that made it very easy for me to hear him. He also had a great personality. When I was in middle school, I joined his D.A.R.E. Club, which, in reality, was a lot of fun. It was great to have him as not just a teacher but someone who trusts me, or someone who I can trust. Joining D.A.R.E.really helped me become more social and all that stuff,” Jay said.

Not only is he influential on the people in the school and community, but he also has an impact on people on the Internet. He created his own YouTube channel, NW Indiana Elevators, back in 5th grade. Since then, he has uploaded over 1,000 videos and gained nearly 500 subscribers. Some of his videos top over 10,000 views. He chose the topic of elevators due to his fascination with all of the different types there are.

“Back when I was in 5th grade, I always wanted to start a YouTube channel with videos on elevators. So back in 5th grade I had videos on my computer that needed to go somewhere that everyone could watch them. That’s when I started my YouTube channel, and that’s how it has been going for the last six or seven years. It’s called NW Indiana Elevators, and I film videos of elevators around La Porte, Merrillville, South Bend, basically just Northwestern Indiana,” Seaburg said.

Along with many others, he likes the environment that La Porte has to give and the people who are in it. Just like most things in his life, he looks at all of the positives that La Porte has to offer.

“My favorite thing about LaPorte High School is pretty much the environment. When you look at La Porte itself, there is a lot of good people and a lot of good teachers. There is also a lot of great friends to help you around if you need help with anything. There is always  either a student, a friend of yours, or a teacher there to help with everything,” Jay said.

Jay Seaburg is not just an influential person at LPHS, but also a great role model for those around him, not just fellow peers, but also those from older generations as well. Even though he is a junior this year, it is safe to say that he will be one who is dearly missed after he graduates in 2018, but the sky is the limit for Seaburg.


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