Schellinger to end phenomenal career


Working in the education system can impact people in an endless amount of ways. It can stress some out, while inspiring others, or in some cases, it can even be significantly eye opening. For retiring counselor Mrs. Schellinger, working at Handley did just that.

    Schellinger has been on the job for a total of _ years. She began teaching at Catholic schools in East Chicago and then in ones in Michigan City and St. Joseph. During that time, she was also working part-time at LeMans Academy and and Michiana College in South Bend while her kids were growing up.

    Later, she worked part-time at South Central before making the decision to work as an elementary school counselor in the La Porte school system at Crichfield and Lincoln. She then worked at Boston Middle School as a counselor for a decade before finally landing her final destination at Handley Elementary.

    “I feel fortunate to have been able to work part time at the beginning of my career so that I could be able to have more time with my five children when they were younger,” Schellinger said.

    Schellinger decided that working with children would be her career path from the start. The only difference was that she began as a teacher first and had also dreamed of becoming a counselor, which she finally made happen when she worked at South Central Elementary School.

    “I loved school, and admired many of my teachers. I even played ‘school’ with my sisters at home. We all wanted to BE the teacher! My three sisters and I all became teachers, and three out of the four later received a degree in counseling,” Schellinger said.

    Schellinger was especially proud to be a counselor because of certain people, some of which are former counselors whom she has worked with in the past.

    “Melinda Otwinowski was a LP counselor who I was very lucky to know and learn a great deal from. She has moved away now but has made a lasting impression on many students and staff members in LaPorte. I also have to say that working with Molly Fischer at Boston for nine or 10 years was a great experience. We worked as a team with an amazing team of counseling office staff,” Schellinger said.

    There are many different aspects of teaching that Schellinger enjoys, and she also has a deep understanding of just how important her career field is.     

    “Working as a counselor has opened my eyes in a lot of ways. Working with some amazing students who show up every day even after some very difficult mornings or previous evenings and still showing up to do their job here, leaves me more optimistic. I hope to make a difference in the lives of at least some of them. I feel that our future is in the hands of our children, and a great deal is at stake. Teaching is one of the most important careers there is,” Schellinger said.

    Her undeniable passion and positivity is guaranteed to have touched the hearts of the students she has had and the staff that she has been fortunate to know so well. Her previous workplaces and even her current will never forget the wonderful educator that Schellinger is.

   “I cannot say enough about the staff at Handley. They have always had a reputation of being dedicated and caring, but what I experienced here was beyond what I had heard about them.  Truly, caring and amazing educators,” Schellinger said.

    Schellinger is sure to enjoy retirement full of time as grandma and mom, but her mark will forever be left at the many schools she has worked. Her calming presence and uncanny ability to help others deal with problems has made her an irreplaceable asset to La Porte Community School Corporation.

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