Maule is moving on


Teaching can be defined by an endless combination of words: exciting, inspirational, all-embracing, or animated. In the 42 and a half years that retiree Mrs. Maule has been an educator, she has taught several different generations with open arms and a head full of inspiration.

    Maule’s passion for teaching started in sixth grade. Her idea to become a teacher was influenced by another teacher she had and only blossomed as she got older. It was clear from day one that her path in life would take her to a classroom.

    “I was given the opportunity to help Mrs. Shehorn’s kindergarten class. Her kindness and patience with her students was a virtue. Respect was always in the forefront of her teaching. She taught with such grace. This wonderful experience left an imprint on my decision of becoming an elementary teacher. I never wavered from that point on,” Maule said.

    With the help of years of babysitting and the overall eagerness to work with children, Maule became an outstanding teacher from the beginning. She started at Handley in 1975 and ever since has taught students ranging from second grade to fifth grade. Along with that, she coached basketball, volleyball, track, cheerleading, and ring toss. There was never a memory she did not cherish.

    “I have many great memories, but one stands out in my mind. I had a student enroll in my class due to a family emergency. She and her eight siblings moved to La Porte. I just fell in love with this student. We enjoyed spending time together outside of the classroom. She attended family gatherings, went shopping with me, and spent many overnights on the weekends. She was a part of our family. I learned many life skills from that one year with her. She went on to become an amazing mom. I was also blessed to teach her son. He went on and became a teacher, and is now an assistant superintendent in another corporation,” Maule said.

    Maule brings so many positive aspects to the table when on the job. She is always determined, always happy, always creative, and always willing to help a student when in need.   

    “My favorite part about being an educator is the variety of teaching skills that you can use. You can take the subject area and be creative. Excitement about learning a skill is so important. I love incorporating stories, skits, and songs into learning. Movement is also critical while learning something new. I know my students are understanding a specific skill and making connections when they ask if ‘Perry Meter’ really went to Handley,” Maule said.

    In the wake of her retirement, Maule plans to continue being involved with Handley in any way she can. She hopes to be seen working with children in the hallways and to see the new building when it is officially up and working. She also wants to spend time with her grandchildren.

    Her teaching skills have only progressed throughout the years and it shows with all of the love and support she has received from parents and former students. With a career filled with so much love and respect, it was not surprising that she is going to miss it all. Maule has been a staple in the Handley family and will no doubt leave an imprint on the families and staff she has connected with.

    “Yes, I am going to miss my Handley family. We have played, stayed, and prayed together over the years. The friendships I have made with teachers will continue. I will miss the lasting family relationships I have made with parents during my career. I will also really miss the students’ humor, laughter, stories, questions, and the love I feel for each child. I had a great run! I look forward to what the future has to offer,” Maule said.

  Thank you, Mrs. Maule, for your years of dedication and love.

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