Moving up to middle school


Usually the first day of middle school as a sixth grader is terrifying. On Thursday, August 10, it was not as unpleasant because of the help of staff and administration.

At the end of their fifth grade year, students saw a middle school day in progress. They went to their selected middle school for half a day and saw what life as a middle school student would be like. They walked around the school while an eighth grader gave them a tour to see all the music, gym, allied arts, and academic classes. They also learned how to open a locker correctly. They ended their field trip by eating lunch in the cafeteria with their friends.

On August 8, the LaPorte middle schools had an open house for all incoming students, it proved especially helpful for the sixth graders. Many students took advantage of this opportunity and walked around the school many times to find their classes. During this time, students also went to meet staff and practice opening their lockers.

“I only had a few people ask me for help this year. The sixth grade students were really good at opening their lockers and locating their classes,” Mr. Parks, sixth grade English teacher, said.

Visiting the school during Open House takes a lot of pressure off the students’ shoulders on the first day. Few students were nervous the first day because they were able to walk through the school before it was in session.

“The class of 2024 seems to be a large group of extroverts. They did not seem scared or nervous to begin middle school and have transitioned quickly,” Mrs. Miller, sixth grade science teacher, said.

The current sixth graders have seen only a few differences between middle school and elementary school so far. They have realized that there are more responsibilities, people, and freedoms involved in being a middle schooler. The older students realize that staying on top of everything is crucial, and it is one of the biggest pieces of advice they have for the newly minted sixth graders.

“If you do the homework and always stay on task with your work you will do fine in middle school,” Brooklynn Hough, seventh grader, said.

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