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LPHS says hello to new foreign exchange student

LPHS says hello to new foreign exchange student

LaPorte High School welcomes Pitchaya Wannavithaypa (Pitch-I-yu Wanna-Vi-T-Pay), a junior who traveled all the way from Thailand to America hoping for new experiences, for new friends, and for new chances.

Wannavithaypa has noticed drastic differences in an American school day compared to a normal Thailand school day. In Thailand, students students have a very different school day; for example, on a Monday a student could have Geometry, and then on Tuesday they could have Algebra. American Schools also have many similarities to Thailand Schools like free schooling for grades K-12.

“Schooling is a lot different in Thailand. There are more people, and we change classes every single day, but we also have free schooling,” Wannavithaypa said.

Being a foreign exchange student must have its struggles. For Wannavithaypa leaving his home behind to travel to a country almost half way across the world is difficult.

“I really miss my home. I especially miss my family, and definitely the food,” Wannavithaypa said.

Wannavithaypa had a rough time coming to a new school not knowing much English and not knowing a single person, which might be one of the hardest challenges he faces.

“I have made a few friends but not many, and most of them are in my classes,” Wannavithaypa said.

The foreign exchange program Wannavithaypa is a part of, randomly selects where you travel to, and the host family chooses from a list of kids who are a part of the program. This program offers plans to staying from anywhere from three months to up to a whole year. To apply for this program students must pay $100 upfront, and then the other prices will vary based on location and length of stay.

Wannavithaypa is a welcomed face to LPHS. All Slicers wish him the best year possible.

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