Abnormal Psychology; new topics class at LPHS


La Porte High School is offering a new class in the social studies department this year: Abnormal Psychology.

According to Merriam Webster, Abnormal Psychology is medically defined as a branch of psychology concerned with mental and emotional disorders.

It’s been something that I was personally interested in a lot, and I had taken some classes in college. I wanted to offer that class here just to give kids some more detail about mental disorders,” Mr. Jeffers, social studies teacher, said.

Mr. Jeffers and Mr. Brown are the teachers instructing this elective course. This is a topics class in which students had to submit applications last school year to be enrolled; however, both teachers are looking into making it a regular course. Future students who have an interest in it or were not able to get in will then hopefully be able to be in the class.

“Psychology is an age old discipline in which a large part of psychology has been focused on what’s wrong with people. I mean it goes all the way back to Sigmund Freud. It it something that’s always interesting to students or people in general,” Brown said.

Some topics scheduled to be covered in the 12 week period include: history of Abnormal Psychology, personality disorders, depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, PTSD, treatment options, and many more. Since Jeffers and Brown are not exactly following a textbook, the topics that they hope to discuss are chosen by the students in the class.

“My advice for students taking this class is to just enjoy learning about these disorders, but don’t try to diagnose yourself and all of your friends at the same time,” Jeffers said.

Many students taking this class have previously taken AP Psychology, but there are also some students who are finding this class to be their first dip into the topic. The majority of each class have an interest in a career focusing on psychology.

“Personally, I took Abnormal Psychology because I aim to one day take up a career specifically in the area of war veteran psychology. I think this class will give me a better understanding of how the brain works and the type of problems people face when coming home from war, and abnormal behaviors in general,” Lizzy Riffel, senior, said.

If students are interested in next year’s topic classes, applications should be available towards the beginning of the second trimester.

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