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New changes to LPHS

LaPorte High School is now introducing new changes in the attendance policy and is adding chromebooks for the 2017-2018 school year.
For the start of the new year, the attendance will account for 10 percent of the final grade for each class. There will be an emphasis on students’ tardies and absences being verified and unverified. For an adsense to be verified, the student’s parent or guardian must call the attendance office to report that his/her child will not be attending school on that day. An unverified absence is when a student’s parent or guardian does not call the attendance office within 24 hours or if the student skips school.
Each student starts off with 100 points at the beginning of the each trimester of the year. If a student has an unverified absence, her/she will lose 15 point off the attendance grade for each absence. If a tardy is unverified or student comes in without a pass, he/she loses 10 points off the attendance grade for each tardy. However, with all verified absences and tardies, there will be no points removed off the attendance grade.
As most of the students know, last year students received an E.A. for excessive absences. With this system students were able to miss up to five days and still be able to make them up throughout the trimester. Students would have to stay after school for detention for a certain amount of time on certain days of the week.
“I think it’s going to make the students accountable for coming to school when they know it’s going to now affect their grade. With the E.A. System student would skip school because they knew they were able to make up those days which wasn’t a fair trade to me,” Shea Barder, attendance secretary, said.
A major change for the school year would be the new Chromebooks. These computers could be the greatest addition LPHS has made throughout the past couple years. Knowing the possibilities of using these computers, the corporation believes it will make school and learning much simpler.
Some advantages to the Chromebooks are, they could be very useful to a lot of students who are better typers than writers. Some may be able to keep up with notes during class sessions, some may be able to find more sites to help them learn a subject, and many will be able to connect on a deeper level with the class work as teachers can bring the material more to life.
“I think the use of Chromebooks in my class will be more helpful. We will use them for notes, video, and assignments. My class is a class for computers and i believe it will help many keep students keep up,” Jeffery Mandeville, English teacher, said
Many disadvantages with the Chromebooks may affect how students do this school year. The biggest disadvantage would be the damage that may be done to the Chromebooks. Although damage may may occur, there are students and staff who work and fix the computers in the library. The Service on Site (SOS) lab, ran by Mrs. Muller, will help get students back up and running.
“I believe other students will get distracted by the Chromebooks which is a big downside to them but I really do think they could help people who aren’t the best with technology or paper and pencil,” Jay Goodloe, junior, said.
With change comes adjustment, and LPHS students and staff are busy learning to make the best with the new additions.

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