New Handley construction underway


Handley Elementary School is currently in the process of building a new school that is  projected to be finished by December of 2019.

Change is scary or unwelcomed sometimes, but Handley students and staff are up for the challenge. The excitement of having a new school is creating a buzz for the Trojan family and community of La Porte. Handley’s current building does not have some of the other normal facilities that other elementary schools in La Porte have.

“We are building a new Handley School to upgrade the facilities at the school. The current building was built in 1942, which makes it LaPorte’s oldest elementary school. The new construction will provide larger and additional classrooms, a larger cafeteria, and a larger gym with bleachers for sporting events and other activities that need a large area. Currently, art and music do not have their own classrooms. The new building will provide room for these subject areas. The ‘New Handley’ will give the students the opportunities that the other elementary schools provide for their students,” Steve Manering, Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Education, said.

Generations after generations have attended Handley School, many knowing it as the old 10th Street School. The building is outdated, and there will now be many opportunities opening up for current and future Trojan students.

“The most exciting fact about getting a new building is that the students will have opportunities for programming that we currently do not have. For example, our preschool program is currently housed at LPHS since we do not have the space. Students will be able to have home sporting events, school performances and events and space for remediation and enrichment activities. In addition, the students will have a separate art and music room. They are currently in their classrooms for these experiences,” Upp, principal of Handley, said.  

If everything goes as planned, construction will be done in December, the middle of the 2019 school year. This means that the teachers will be transferring their things to the new school while school is in session. This may be stressful for some teachers, but 4th grade teacher, Ms. Keson thinks different.

“It doesn’t stress me out. To be honest, I’m focused on just this year. The construction process is exciting to see, but I know that we’ve quite a ways to go. Whenever we get into the building, I’ll be ready,” Keson said.

Handley’s pride seem to be growing even larger because of this project. Day by day, the bonds between students and staff are becoming stronger.

“Through the process, I have spoken with many, many individuals who have attended 10th Street School as well as Handley School many years ago. They share their fond memories of teachers, friends and great experiences. In some regard, we are all sentimental about Handley School as we know it being torn down; however, the excitement for a new, innovative and more modern school is growing more and more as we watch the school beginning to take shape. Handley will be a school that can provide services and opportunities to students, staff, and the community. Hopefully, it is something that the entire city can be proud of, “ Upp said.

December of 2019 will bring many new opportunities for Handley’s students and staff. Regardless of the changes, Handley’s spirit will remain the same.


Check out this video that shows a 3D model of the new Handley school.

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