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Competitive cheer starting up at LPHS

LaPorte High School has created a cheer team of 13 cheerleaders who will be representing the Slicers at cheer competitions.

In the past, the varsity and junior varsity cheer team have always competed separately. Then they come together when basketball season starts and compete at the varsity level competitions. Last year, at the February competition LPHS hosts, there were two state judges present. After performing, a judge approached the LaPorte coaches and had a few remarks.

“He was very impressed with our routine that we did. He asked who choreographed it, and why we had so many kids on the team,” Mrs. Lidgard, head coach of the cheer team, said.

Many schools pay a professional to choreograph, but the Slicer cheer team choreographs their own routines. This helps the team stay unique.   

After the initial cheer tryouts, the coaches told everyone on the team that there will be another tryout for cheerleaders who want to be on the competition team. Many people do not want to compete, so this gives the people who do a chance to shine.

“One of the things he [the state judge] did say was that a lot of the teams- what they’ll do is they won’t bring their whole squad. They’ll bring the best out of the group. So you know, why not do that?” Lidgard said.

The competitive team has three practices a week, one for gameday practice and two evening practices from 5-8 p.m to work strictly on the competition routine.

“This is the first time we have gotten our routine done so early that now we are just working on perfecting it and polishing it up. We have a competition in two weeks, and we might go and try the competition-just to get in front of judges and get their critiquing to see what we need to work on before State,” Lidgard said.

A few years ago, the Slicers went to State and got sixth place. Hopefully with the competition team, they can place even higher.

“My goal for the team is that we make every stunt, that we are clean and sharp, and that we all put in our hundred percent and try our best,” McKayla Koontz, cheerleader, said.

The competition team will compete at State and, if they do well, will continue to perform at the competitions during basketball season.

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