Suppinger joins Guidance Department


The Guidance Department has a new look this year, after losing Mrs. Barnes, Mrs. Maxey, and Mr. Hunter. Three new counselors have been added, and they have been fantastic additions to the Slicer staff. Going on her 15th year of counseling, Mrs. Suppinger is bringing a valuable amount of experience to Slicer students.

Suppinger originally went to Indiana University for her Bachelor Degree of Science in Accounting. Then she went to Ball State for her Master Degree of Business Administration and lastly to IUSB for her M.S. in Counseling.

She came from South Bend where she was a counselor at Saint Joseph High School for 13 years, and she also worked one year at Michigan City Joy and Knapp Elementaries.

“My favorite thing about being a counselor is helping a student work through a situation, whether it is academic, college/career readiness, or emotional/social. It is very rewarding to know that I might make a difference for a student, and I wish I could make a difference for all,” Suppinger said.

Suppinger is assigned to sophomores and seniors this school year at La Porte High School, and she appears to be adjusting to LPHS well.

“I really like the environment, the faculty and the students at La Porte High School. Everyone has been friendly and helpful. I like listening to morning announcements and hearing the enthusiasm,” Suppinger said.

The role of a school counselor has evolved over the past several decades. Although a structure for school counseling exists, there are still many outdated viewpoints and incorrect representations in the media that are an annoyance for counselors. One myth Suppinger would like to dispel about the Guidance Department mainly has to do with the stereotype of counselors.

“It’s more than just scheduling classes, and that is why many schools now refer to it as school counseling. It involves so much more than guiding students on course selection. Being a counselor requires understanding students and helping them work through academic concerns, post-secondary options, and emotional and social issues,” Suppinger said.

Whether one has her for a counselor or not, students should always feel welcome to stop by and introduce themselves to Suppinger. LPHS is grateful to have her join the Slicer family.


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