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Freshmen and Sophomore Learning Community gives great chances to students

Freshmen and Sophomore Learning Community gives great chances to students

The Freshmen, and Sophomore Learning Community is a great chance for students who learn at an easier pace than other kids. Many of the teachers in the F.L.C./S.L.C. care deeply about their students just like many other teachers, but the F.L.C./S.L.C. teachers might give their students an extra push to work harder.

The students in the FLC/SLC have the same classes as every other student, but instead of having different teachers and classmates all year, they see the same people every day. They also have smaller classes. While many classes may contain 20-27 students in a class, the FLC/SLC. has between 18-22 students in each class.

“The Learning Community model eases the transition many students have coming into freshmen or sophomore year by keeping a close-knit and collaborative community of teachers,” Mrs. McGuire, FLC English teacher, said.

Many students come into their freshmen school year intimidated and scared because they are with bigger, older kids. By having the smaller classes with people they may have known from eighth grade, it can ease some of the stress they might have. It is one less thing the students will have one less thing to stress about.

Many of the teachers in the FLC/SLC create a relationship with their students due to being with the students the entire year. By doing this, the students have somebody they feel they can talk to. This is invaluable to many students and teachers wanting to help as much as possible.

“I seek to build relationships with my students in order to understand their preferred learning styles and to discover what areas they might struggle with,” Mr. Timmons, SLC English teacher, said.

The FLC/SLC, due to the teachers working so closely with each other, can provide many different opportunities for its students, often altering a daily schedule to include engaging experiences.

“Other than teachers and counselors that help the FLC/SLC students, we have a long list of guest speakers lined up for this year,” Mrs. McGuire said.

The FLC/SLC students are supported immensely by Mrs. Kosior, assistant principal, Mrs. Rosenbaum from Slicer Support Services, and a group of freshmen counselors. They work to ensure support on a range of social/emotional needs. While the teachers might help with school work, Mrs. Rosenbaum can help with emotional support, such as dealing with a family death or having a divorce in the family.

The FLC/SLC curriculum is no different than other freshmen classes. They address the same topics and standards, but at a pace that works for its learners. By doing this, many of the students will get all of the information and not be left out.

The FLC/SLC is a truly helpful community that many hope will continue to grow.

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