New Performing Arts Center coming to LPHS


     LaPorte High School is currently building a new state-of-the-art Performing Arts Center.

    LPHS’s current auditorium is too small and does not have the updated technology capabilities needed. With problems regarding the sound and lighting systems and not having enough room to hold large audiences, the corporation has decided to create an all-new Performing Arts Center (PAC).

    “The current auditorium is pretty limited. It works for some assemblies, but it really isn’t conducive to performances,” Benjamin Tonagel, LPHS principal, said.

    The new PAC will not only be used for LPHS students. Elementary and middle schools, as well as other community groups, will occasionally use the facility as well.

    “The new facility will be a state-of-the-art venue for a variety of performances. Not only will the school use it, but community groups will use the PAC for various shows and productions,” Tonagel said.

    Though the new facility is causing a lot of excitement, the hard work has just begun. The Larson-Danielson Construction company broke ground in July of 2017 and is expecting to have the construction finished in October of 2018. The current auditorium will be used until Christmas but will be unavailable after.

    Construction is taking place outside of the current LPHS auditorium. Though the student parking lot is located directly next to the construction, the equipment and work area has been properly separated to avoid accidents and to keep both the students and the workers safe.

    The reduction of student parking availability has been a concern of many parents and students, but the school is doing what they can to make things easier for both the students and the school itself.

    “Students must complete a parking pass application. That is part of school policy, but it also helps us with numbers and data. Some of our football players who drive are parking at Kiwanis to free up some spots,” Tonagel said.

    Teachers and students are anticipating the completion of the facility and have high hopes for what opportunities could come with it.

    “I think the PAC is a great addition to our school, and I believe that there are countless benefits to be reaped by everyone. I am extremely excited to be a part of the greatness that it holds when it is completed,” Miss Baugh, LPHS English teacher and theater director, said.

    Band, orchestra, and choir students are also looking forward to performing in the new Performing Arts Center, and are hoping that it will pull in larger audiences.

    “I am hoping that maybe more people will come to/be more involved in the various groups that perform in the PAC. I’m very excited to see the new set-up of things and to see how much easier it will be to navigate and work with,” Kat Yeaney, LPHS band student, said.

     Though the construction is not slated to be finished until October of 2018, LPHS staff and students are already excited to see what opportunities will arise.

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