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Moving towards change

The Mayor’s Youth Council is ready for another successful year.

About two years ago, Mayor Milo had contacted the president of the Jaycees, Kari Campbell, wanting to create a Mayor’s Youth Council. Quite a few other communities have a similar program. The purpose of the Mayor’s Youth Council is to get an idea of what young people in the community want available to get them more involved.

This year they are expanding and doing a bigger project called “My community, my vision.” The council is looking forward to making more of an impact on the city of LaPorte.

“My community, my vision” is a new program for the Mayor’s Youth Council this year. This program allows the group to say what they would like to see in the community and move forward towards it. If their plan gets selected, they would receive $500 to go towards their plan. This way they would be able to implement something that would make a change of their choice.

“I know we have talked about several projects that we could pursue with $500 during our last meeting. So if we had that $500 to go towards it, then we could potentially start putting the wheels in motion,” Drew Gesse, leader of the Mayor’s Youth Council, said.

Last year, the council had different officials and employees who worked with the city come in and talk about their jobs and different issue points in the city. It gave students an opportunity to learn what is going on around the city itself. They had representatives from the county come in and speak as well.

This year it will be quite different. They will be working with students from Ball State University to create a plan. This plan that they come up with will be used to benefit the community. It will change pretty substantially this year and next year.

“It will be interesting seeing the group possibly getting together with students from Ball State who are studying planning in particular. It’ll be interesting to see what they come up with. To have the opportunity to go through this process with them will be exciting because it is something that not a lot of people have the chance to do,” Gesse said.

To be a part of the Mayor’s Youth Council, students have to be a junior or a senior and submit an application. Next year, they will most likely do another call out over the school’s intercom so the Mayor’s Youth Council can get more people involved in it. The applications can be picked up in the main office. There are usually anywhere from seven to 10 people in the group.

If anyone is looking for a way to get more involved in the community, the Mayor’s Youth Council is definitely the program to be involved in and help be a part of a team that is set on seeing LaPorte thrive.

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