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The friendship of Patty and Carol

Miss Parker and Mrs. Cooper, two LPHS English Teachers, as many know, have an especially close and special friendship.

Parker and Cooper met in November of 2009, and they have grown as friends ever since. They happened to meet at LPHS. Their paths did not cross when Parker was a student at LPHS. The friendship started after Parker graduated from college in the middle of the year and landed a job as an assistant in the B.11 computer lab.

“I had taken my class down to the B.11 computer lab, and we met then. I think she asked what celebrity I would be if I could, and I told her Beyonce,” Cooper said.

Many Slicer students would agree they look up to such a great bond. Parker and Cooper have many things in common, but their greatest feature would be their sense of humor. They compliment each other well in that area, as Parker would say.

“Cooper (Pat) makes every day better. I truly cannot be in a bad mood around her because she always makes me laugh. I enjoy how she finds the best in every situation and doesn’t sweat the small stuff. She is the funniest person I know, but she also is always there for me. Many people don’t know that she brings me food or Gatorade if I am sick,” Parker said.

Cooper and Parker have been through a great deal together. From teaching with connected classrooms, taking fun adventures, hanging out at Cooper’s house and watching funny videos of the pair on YouTube, these two know how to have a great time. Who’s to say what the future may hold for such an unbreakable bond.

“We want to do a podcast or something similar. We think Ellen would appreciate us. We would love to host a red carpet event like the Grammy’s,” Cooper said.

Many Slicer students and staff could agree Cooper is a great person. Although they’re not wrong, what her friend Parker has to say stands out a bit more.

“What is there to say? She is truly a great person. She would do anything for anyone, and she can brighten up my day. If there is something wrong, I call her right away. If there is something great happening, I call her right away. She makes me a better person. She is also very supportive of me and all that I do,” Parker said.

Being English teachers, Parker and Cooper are both professional most of the time, yet everyone knows they have a silly side as well. As many would know them by Miss Parker and Mrs. Cooper, the two have different names for one another. Those names happen to be Patty and Carol.

“Really there is no reason for the names. We were driving back from Indy with the paddle-board I had just purchased. It was taking up all the room in my mini-van. I told her that she looked like a Carol, and I was going to commence calling her that. She came up with Patty, and they just stuck,” Cooper said.

Parker and Cooper not only make a great pair of English teachers, as well as the rest of LaPorte’s English Department, but they make an even greater pair of friends. They were lucky enough to find a friendship that does not just end as the work day does. While it may be an unlikely friendship since they differ in age, it makes perfect sense to them.

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