IPhone X announced


Apple has recently announced it’s newest phone, and people everywhere are voicing their opinions on it.

    According to Apple, “The future is here” with the new iPhone. Compared to other phones that they have released, their newest, the iPhone X, is far more advanced and is said to be more durable than ever.

    The front of the iPhone X is completely touch-screen, which means that there is no longer a home button. In place of the fingerprint scanner, a new way of unlocking the phone has been created.

    “It’s pretty wild. It has a face recognition thing that unlocks your phone. It’s kind of creepy but kind of cool at the same time,” Lucas Poehl, LPHS senior, said.

    The Face ID is the newest way to unlock an iPhone. The new TrueDepth camera projects over 30,000 invisible dots which scan and recognize a person’s facial features, making it simple and quick to unlock the iPhone.

    Not only does the iPhone X feature a new secure locking system, but it also includes all-new depth-sensing cameras on both the front and rear sides. The new cameras have the ability to produce better quality photos and they enable digital zoom up to 6x for videos and up to 10x for photos.

    The iPhone X also features a glass back, making it compatible with Apple’s new AirPower mat. The AirPower mat charges devices wirelessly, but the new iPhone X is currently one of only two iPhone’s able to be used with it.

    Along with all of the new aspects of the iPhone X comes a new price. The phone is set to be sold at a price of a least $1,000. The price has some people concerned, seeing as it is higher than ever before.

   “It seems to me that most smartphones stop working right around the time that the contract for it is ending. If someone is going to pay so much money for a phone, I think it should last at least four or five years,” Mr. Miller, LPHS English teacher, said.

    Though many would agree with Miller, the new features have convinced some others that the price may be worth it.

    “I like it. Apple is adding multiple complex features while still having the simplicity of any other iPhone. I think the phone is many years ahead of it’s time, and I believe the phone will sell regardless of the $1,000 price,” Cameron Davis, LPHS senior, said.

    Though the iPhone X will not be released until this November, people are already waiting to pre-order it.

    For more information or to look into purchasing the new iPhone X, visit www.apple.com/iphone-x/.

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