LaPorte girl’s soccer prepares for Sectionals


As the LaPorte High School girls’ soccer team prepares to conclude their 2017 season, they continue to put in work in hopes of finishing better than previous seasons.

    The LPHS girls’ soccer team has been working hard and getting ready to represent LaPorte at Sectionals. Though there are still more games to be played before postseason begins, the LaPorte soccer players have already acquired multiple wins this season. The team has won four games, lost four and tied two, but they hope to finish the season strong.

    “We hope to play our hardest against Penn, one of the best teams in the state, during sectionals,” Brianna Kehoe, junior, said.

    The LPHS girls’ team is full of talent and hard work. The girls share a bond that helps them easily work together on the field, making them a challenge to other schools.

    “We tend to work really well together. A majority of us have been playing together for a long time,” Kehoe said.

    Even with many experienced and skilled players, the girls continue to work to get better. They prepare themselves for each game and make sure to have fun no matter the outcome.

    “We pray before each game and make sure to stretch good. The hard work pays off most of the time,” Megan Blank, junior, said.

    With experience playing together, the girls have learned how to communicate with each other both on and off the field.

    “As the season continues, we hope to do good and play a competitive Sectional championship game,” Emily Osowski, senior, said.

    As all of the girls prepare for Sectionals and continue to get better, many of them are preparing to leave LPGS for good.

    “I hope to have made an impact on LPGS. I want all my teammates to remember me as a good-hearted person. I am going to miss LPGS, but I guess every good thing has to come to an end,” Osowski said.

    With the hard work and dedication of all of the girls, the team looks to make the rest of this season great.

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