A friendly face


There are many incredible teachers at LaPorte High School, but there is one who stands out to many.

    Mr. Miller is an English teacher at LPHS. He teaches Freshmen Honors English and the Advanced Composition class for seniors. Miller is also the vice-president of the LaPorte Federation of Teaching.

    Miller has been teaching at LPHS for 38 years and plans to continue teaching for as long as he is healthy and motivated.

    “I like working with people. Young people, old people, working with all different kinds of people,” Miller said.

     At first glance, many may find him formidable, but after talking to him a few times, the hard exterior drops and students and staff see a softer, more compassionate side. Miller is not just a teacher but a friend to many. Other teachers at LPHS have described him as passionate and trustworthy.

    “While some may find the thundering voice of Mr. Miller intimidating, I find it comforting. He is the man we look to when it comes to protecting the best interests of teachers and students,” Ms. Scanlin, English teacher, said.

    Along with teachers, many students have come to enjoy Miller’s company and have found the gentle side of him.

    “He’s really serious, but he really cares about his students and looks out for their best interests,” Elisabeth Novak, junior, said.

    Miller teaches freshmen and seniors, which gives him a wildly different experience each hour.

    “I sort of like having freshmen and seniors because it gives you a balanced day. There’s things that are different about both groups-things that I like, things sometimes I don’t like- but overall I like the balance,” Miller said.

    Though Miller is a serious and hardworking teacher, he makes time for an occasional laugh.

    “While his class can sometimes be challenging, he makes sure it is enjoyable,” Genevieve Tucker, sophomore said.

    Some of the things that most students remember about Miller even after they leave his class are his mottos. Some of his mottos are written on posters and hung in his classroom, but some are only spoken, such as “eating at the buffet.” His mottos seem to be humorous to some, but others find them to be great life advice.

    “Life is not like eating at the buffet. You don’t always get to pick and choose what you do want to do and what you don’t want to do. Most of life doesn’t allow you to do that,” Miller said.

    According to Miller, he truly enjoys his job and loves what he does. Though he has never taught anywhere else, he believes that LaPorte is where he is meant to be.

    “I like having roots. Obviously my roots are very deeply rooted now, and I just like being in the same place. There are other people who would probably prefer to move around, but I have enjoyed calling LaPorte home just because it’s a home,” Miller said.

    Miller has become more than just a familiar face at LPHS and more than just a teacher to his students; he has become a friend.

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