High schoolers with jobs



Balancing time is a skill that most students do not acquire until their actual careers or college; however, high schoolers who have jobs are more adept at time management.

“Having a job in high school can be hard to balance depending on the person, but as long as you’re not taking difficult classes or in a really involved sport, you should be fine. I also think by getting a job in high school, you’re kinda almost forced into having good time management,” Bailey Scott, LPHS senior and hostess at Christo’s Family Dining, said.

Having a job as a high school student has many pros and cons. For example, most students will agree that the number one pro is earning money. Whether they are saving it or spending it, money allows them to feel more independent.

“I have a job mainly to save for college, but if money wasn’t an issue, I would probably still want to work because I’ve learned so much. Personally I feel that it’s a good idea for high schoolers to get a job so they can learn all the ropes and get the experience before you get into the ‘real world.’” Alexis Schmidt, LPHS sophomore and manager at Tiny Bubbles Car Wash, said.

High school students will also mostly agree that the number one con of having a job is the amount of hours worked. The hours can be long, and free time is an unknown term. Loading up on difficult classes while also balancing a job can cause stress and affect sleeping patterns.

Word of mouth is how many students hear about places hiring, with their friends talking about it or hearing it from a teacher or parent. Another resource is LPHS’s “Hire a Slicer” website. This website gives students a place to post their resumes and select their jobs of interest. Once approved, companies and businesses will be able to view them.

Having a job in high school can either be a good thing or a bad thing, but students should remember while trying to balancing high school and a job to not stretch themselves too thin.

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