LaPorte student section


 As the season approaches it’s end, the LPHS football student section continues showing their support.

    Football games can get intense at LaPorte High School, but, win or lose, the student section is sure to be cheering until the end of the game.

    “The student section hypes up our teams by always cheering for them. We support our athletes by doing certain cheers, such as ‘QB1’ for Nolan Lorenz. I think that loud cheers let our athletes know we support them. I’m always cheering for our football team, and I know that everyone in our student section is proud of our athletes, no matter the outcome,” Breanna Dove, junior, said.

    While home games are typically flooded with students cheering on the team, many students travel to the away games, too. No matter how far the team travels, the LaPorte student section is never empty.

    Each football game is given a theme that students dress up for. Hawaiian, black-out, and American are only a few of the themes that are commonly used. Themed games attract more people to the football games, giving even more support to the boys on the field.

    “The students really go all out for the student section themes. It’s great to see everybody having fun and supporting the team at the same time,” Reilly Briggs, junior, said.

    Along with the themed outfits come the chants and songs. Many songs, such as “Baby” by Justin Bieber and “Sweet Caroline” by Neil Diamond are played over the speakers during halftime and timeouts, and the student section is sure to be singing along to them. Many chants are also heard being called out by students attending the game, encouraging the team to fight harder and win.

    “The student section fires me up and the loud cheering at the home games gives me chills. It’s nice to have support on the field in big moments of the game and when something great happens,” Jake Thode, senior football player, said.  

    As the end of the season draws closer, the student section prepares to give the team all of the motivation that they can. With the final game of the season being at home, the students are ready to cheer louder and motivate the team to end the season well.

    “The student section always has a great turn out for home games. It’s great to see the student body rallying around out classmates and cheering them on. I hope that our presence and cheering helps motivate our team to compete harder. I think the players appreciate the support and they don’t want to let their friends, family, and supporters down,” Austin Haferkamp, senior, said.

    Though the student section is a great source of motivation for the team, the team is what motivates the student section. Without the team playing hard and giving the students a reason to support them, there would be no student section.

    “I think that the fact that our athletes know we are there for them and support them 100% makes them fight harder. Our athletes make the student section proud by their grit and never-ending determination,” Dove said.

    With the end near, the student section hopes to have made an impact on the players’ lives and hopes to have shown their endless spirit and support toward the team in every way possible.

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