Kindness counts


LaPorte High School’s Kindness Campaign is back in action.

    Students and staff at LPHS are filling the halls with kindness in hopes of making a change.

    Although the 2017-2018 Kindness Campaign has been in operation for only two weeks, it has already made a phenomenal impact on the lives of many.

    Students and staff who partake in the campaign create their own “agent name” to conceal their identity when following through with their acts of kindness. They also receive an orange bracelet with “Kindness Campaign” printed on it.

    The goal of the Kindness Campaign is to spread positivity with no praise expected. No negativity is too strong to be overpowered by kindness. Hoping to spread the word, and possibly have more students join, current agents are already performing their acts and spreading positivity around the school.

    “I have seen the letters given out to people. My friend received one and was so happy,” Maria Del Real, senior, said.

    Positive letters aren’t the only things being passed throughout the school. Students have been delivering all sorts of gifts to teachers and staff, and some have been leaving positive messages throughout the school. The random acts have already brought happiness to people, inspiring them to pass the kindness forward.

    “I have been given candy that I didn’t expect, as well as words of affirmation. In both cases it made my day. I’ve literally heard LPHS faculty saying to each other how these random acts of kindness have completely altered bad days and turned things around for them. Anything that causes that kind of response should be done as often as humanly possible. Even if things seem small, you never know where that little act is going to meet somebody and how it can reshape their frame of mind,” Agent Wu Tang said.

    The LPHS Kindness Campaign originally started in 2013 and continued every year until 2016. Finding the campaign stuck behind other priorities, students went without it for one year. After realizing how much of a positive difference the campaign had made, Miss Parker has brought it back for the 2017-2018 school year. Not only has the campaign been able to spread joy, it has brought inspiration to some as well.

    “It inspired me by showing all different little things you can do daily to spread kindness in our school. The agents inspire me because it’s amazing to see so many people want to make this school a better place,” Agent El Bracero said.

    The Kindness Campaign agents look forward to bringing change to the school.

    “I hope to see others become more positive and loving people. I hope the acts of kindness will become normal,” Agent Starlight said.

    Any students looking to join the Kindness Campaign can visit Miss Parker in room J.12 for information. Everyone is welcome!


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