Red ribbon week


Elementary schools throughout the La Porte School Corporation are celebrating Red Ribbon Week from October 23rd through October 27th.

Red Ribbon Week is all about staying and what it means to be drug free. There is a Red Ribbon Campaign which provides drug awareness to millions around the world. The Red Ribbon Campaign has created a five step pledge and stands by it. Students celebrate by dressing up each day of this week. Handley, Riley, Lincoln, Indian Trail, Kingsbury, Kingsford Heights, Crichfield, and Hailmann elementary schools are all participating in staying drug free.

“I believe it is important for the students to learn about drugs. The third graders learn the difference between good and bad drugs. Children need to know that taking an Advil for an ear infection is necessary for pain and to illuminate future problems, compared to the dangerous drugs on the streets,” Mrs. Fisher, Handley elementary teacher, said.

Various schools have themed days such as Hat Day, Twin Day, “Red-Y” To Be Drug Free Day (wear red), Favorite Sports Team Day, and many more. Even the staff members participate in these fun and exciting dress up days. This is a week to pay attention to the “whys” to this problem and what schools can do to try to alleviate this at a young age.

“Red Ribbon Week is a time when we try to educate the students about saying no to drugs. Unfortunately, we have had our fair share of problems in our city. Educating them early and talking to them as often as you can, about the dangers of drugs, will hopefully make an impact on these children when they are met with a difficult choice one day,” Mrs. Bornell, Hailmann elementary teacher, said.

One step at a time, drug use is being prevented in our community. Millions are affected by this problem daily, and anytime is a good time to make a change and take a stand to end this drug problem. Not just change in La Porte, but around the world.


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