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Graduating early

As the first trimester of the 2017-2018 school year draws to a close, a handful of seniors prepare to say their goodbyes 24 weeks early. Graduating early is one of the many aspects of high school that students can get behind; it is just how to do it that holds people back.

First of all, students should have a plan regarding their future studies and/or jobs for after classes end. Graduating early does not mean doing nothing until graduation in June; it means working hard to get ahead if one decides to attend college.

“The only reason I would advocate for early graduation is if there is something the student wants to study that the high school doesn’t offer. The benefits would be a jumpstart on internships or college credits. However, we offer students the ability to do both while enrolled as a student here,” Mrs. Hunt, director of Guidance and Individualized Learning, said.

If there are students who want to graduate early, it would be ideal to begin the process as early as the beginning of junior year. It can be stressful for a senior to try and earn all of their required credits in their last trimester of high school with very little preparation.

“Students should discuss their graduation plan with their school counselor and fill out the application to graduate early. The counselor and administration check for ISTEP+ success, credit success, and post secondary plans,” Hunt said.

The best time to let the counselors know one wants to graduate early is around the first of the year since that is when they visit classes for scheduling. It not only gives the student time to gather their credit information but also lets the counselor have ample time to set it all up.

    “I decided to graduate early because I wanted to get a head start on my future. I didn’t feel the need to keep going to school if I already had all of my credits, so I made the decision early,” Alejandra Puentes, early graduate, said.

  With merely a week left of their high school career, the early graduates are more than ecstatic to take on the next phase of their life.

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