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Slicers that make the world a better place

Slicers that make the world a better place

LaPorte High School has many students and teachers, but amongst everyone, some stick out. These few that make themselves known are the ones that make the school, and even the world, a better place.

Not many feel a need to make the school look good and make sure it is in decent shape. Some of the kids even feel like it is good to make the school look bad or dirty, but some students and teachers feel badly if they do not help. LaPorte students are a big bundle of students and they all work together for the most part, but however drama can overwhelm the whole school. When this happens, positive and optimistic students step out of the shadows and show the schools true colors.

“It makes me sad when I hear about people breaking our school rules, or making our school seem less than it actually is,” Jillian Bell, sophomore, said.

Everybody has a drive to do something, including teachers. They have a drive to help their students, coworkers, and even people they might not know. Mrs. McGuire has a huge need to make sure the school’s reputation is nice. McGuire is known around the building as one of the happiest, most helpful teachers, and she works super hard for our school. She is one of the reasons LPHS has such a good reputation.

“I think one of the reasons I help out so much at school has to be my parents influence. My mother and father both modeled the value of community service and I kept that value near and dear to me,” Mrs. McGuire, freshmen English teacher, said.

Students and staff can help out at LPHS in many different ways. They can help sponsor a club, keep the hallways safe at school, and help teachers if they ever need help. Students can point out to a teacher a student who they think might need help, of seem like they are not okay. These small things they do help our school grow and become a better place.

Not only do these people work to make the school, but they work to make the world better. Many tragic events are happening on Earth right now, like the Las Vegas shooting, or hurricane Maria. People all around the world are donating money, and time to help rebuild homes, of feed homeless people who were hurt by these events.

LaPorte is glad to have these slicers that help save and protect our school.

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