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LPHS Bowlers hit the lanes

LPHS Bowlers hit the lanes

The bowling season is in full swing now, and both teams have high hopes for the upcoming season due to lots of talent on the lanes.

Bowling has been a club for  many years. It starts at the beginning of the school year, and lasts until the end of December. The club had excited bowlers flocking to the club when it started. The sponsors of the club are Keith Gakle, and Dave Foster and they have been working, and coaching the bowling club to help strengthen the bowlers.

A few bowlers are Alyssa Foster, Alissa Rhodes, Thomas Noble, and Tyler Swedersky. Foster has been bowling since she was four but joined the LPHS team when she was in 7th grade. Ever since she has been one of the strongest female bowlers. Noble joined his freshmen year and works his hardest to make the most out of every meet. Along with the team the sponsors Gakle, and Foster work with the team. They help strengthen the team and help give the team mates something to do after school.

“Our team all works together. Just like football, of basketball we are like a big family,” Alyssa Foster, junior, said.

The bowling club meets every monday and wednesday and they usually have one meet every week. The bowlers work their hardest and do their best to bring home a win for LaPorte. The meets happen at bowling alleys across LaPorte and other cities. The bowlers compete against other teams to see who can get a better score. The team that ends up with a higher score wins.

“Every meet is the same, but the pressure is different. The sport will not change but how the game will go,” Alissa Rhodes, Junior said.

The bowlers of LaPorte have separate rankings. These ranks are determined by how they play, and how many wins they have. Some LaPorte bowlers are ranked within the top 15 of Northern Indiana. The ranks show how good a certain bowler might be.

“The rankings matter. I personally rank in the top 15, and I know some other also rank there, and I would say that is impressive,” Thomas Noble, Junior, said.

The boys bowling team has a record of 0-2, and girls have a record of 1-1. The boys team is looking to improve their score to have a good season. The team’s have a meet once a week and they are usually at local bowling rinks like Thunderbird Lanes.

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