Humans of LP: Dustin Gray


“When I first found out that I was gay, I was terrified to come out to anyone. My friends were the first people I told. Everyone accepted me. Some of them, at first, thought I was joking. A few months went by and I was thinking of a way to tell my parents. At first I had no idea how to, and I wish I would have sat down to tell them. I left the house leaving a note on the counter for them to read. My biggest fear was rejection. Now, I shouldn’t have worried but people do come from different circumstances. My parents had no idea about the thoughts crossing my mind or how I was going to find myself. They did tell me that no matter what I am their son, they can’t change it, and they wouldn’t want to if they could. They want me to be myself. I am thankful for my accepting parents, friends, and coaches. They are all apart of what has made me the person I am. Not one of them expected me to be gay, because of how I act. What I’ve realized through high school is that you are. You don’t have to have a certain look, or personality to go with your sexuality, or who you want to be just be you. I am who I am cause of the people who surrounded me. They supported me so I wouldn’t be afraid, and I thank everyone around me for being a part in it.”


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