More than a teacher


Mrs. Owens is one of LaPorte High School’s most admired teachers.

    Owens is LPHS’s physics and AP physics teacher but stands way above the title of “teacher.”

    Owens began teaching 20 years ago, but she came to LPHS in 2008 after spending time at Eastbrook Junior High School and Oregon-Davis Junior/Senior High School. Between all schools that she has taught at, Owens has taught many science classes ranging from Earth Science up to AP physics.

    “I have taught many different science classes although Physics is my college major. I love teaching science, showing students how the world works,” Owens said.

    Owens has always been interested in the study of science. She loves watching students reactions when they learn something new or see an exciting demonstration.

    Owens does not only teach at LPHS. She also runs Table Top Club. Table Top Club is a group of students who gather in Owens’ room on the first and third Thursday of each month. Students in the club play all types of board games and have the opportunity to visit with friends.

    “We now have between 10-30 students that show up on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month to play games. I like having a club that anyone can join, and I think it provides an opportunity for something for teens to do for fun,” Owens said.

    Working at LPHS has brought many friendships to Owens. While she has gotten to know and love several LPHS staff members, she has grown especially close with the science department.

    “We eat lunch together every day, tell jokes, talk about science topics, support each other in our work and personal lives, and most of all, have chocolate Fridays!” Owens said.

    Owens absolutely loves teaching high school students. While some teachers look at teaching as just a job, Owens loves interacting with her students and learning new things from them as well.

    “My favorite thing about teaching is the students.  I love spending my day with all types of students, hearing their stories and jokes, helping them grow and learn. Students make each day different and enjoyable,” Owens said.

    The admiration between Owens and her students is not one-sided. Students have found her classroom to be an escape into comfort.

    “She’s great at teaching and is obviously so passionate about it. She’s always willing to help the struggling students,” Genevieve Tucker, sophomore, said.

    Owens has found her love for education, and LPHS students have found their love for Owens.

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