Human of LPHS: Mrs. Blakemore (P.E. Teacher)


“It’s difficult. I’m not saying difficult is my job, I’m saying it’s difficult to see students of color not having any role models or anyone that they can go and talk to. It’s a cultural thing. They feel a lot more comfortable being able to talk to someone, and when I leave- I think about it all the time- there’s not going to be a role model for them. So when I think about it, I think “One more year, one more year.” But the thing is that I love what I do.. I feel great which makes all the difference in the world. They always say “when it’s time for you to retire, you’ll know,” because your job is not fun anymore, it’s a hassle, you know, you just don’t enjoy it. And you’ll know that. Teacher’s always say it, and I haven’t reached that point.”


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