Humans of LPHS: Sarah McMillans


“I remember wanting to join the Army was when I was probably in 5th grade. Some of my family members were enlisted, too. It is always been an idea in the back of my head. When I got into high school, I started thinking about it even more. Junior year is when I started talking to recruiters. I knew I wanted the Army, but I didn’t know if I wanted National Guard, Active Duty, or Reserves. I talked to SGT Knight about the National Guard and SFC Sandilla about Active Duty and Reserves. At the end of junior year, I had finally decided to go Active Duty Army. I knew making this decision was one of the biggest ones I will ever make. I also knew it was a good one because I was doing it to better myself.

I leave for Basic Training on June 25, 2018. I think I will do okay because I know I can do it. As of right now I do not know if I am going to fully invest in the Army because I am waiting to see if I like it first. My biggest inspiration to join the Army was my family. My dad said that I should go Active Duty because I would be able to travel and see things I normally would not if I went Reserves. My mom thought that if I enlisted I should just take the jump and go Active. I am both excited and nervous to leave, but I am ready to see where the Army will take me.”

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