Humans of LPHS: Emily Miramontes


“I stayed in Mexico for three weeks. One week was with my family, and the other two weeks I stayed by myself with my dad’s sisters. And so the first week, I stayed with my aunt and her three kids. One of her kids is named Blanca, and she’s an elementary school teacher, and she has a first grade class. Since she knew that I wanted to be a Spanish teacher, she let me job shadow her, and I pretty much just got to sit and listen to her class. School is only four hours there, so it wasn’t bad. She taught them all of her lessons, and the first graders were listening, and they had on uniforms, and it was really cute, and then she let me teach an English lesson. What I would do is go up to the board, I would draw a picture, and write what the English word was and then the Spanish word. It was really sentimental to watch them all get really excited to learn English and to know something from the United States. Just watching their eyes light up as they drew newly-learned words in their notebook was something I’ll never forget.”

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