LPHS winter capstone


The next senior Capstone date is scheduled for January 16th, 2018.

As holiday breaks and winter are both steadily approaching, LaPorte High School seniors should also be aware of the winter Capstone date as well as the point due date.

Six points are due by January 10th and can be submitted through the senior Capstone Canvas website. Seniors can complete various assignments to earn points towards capstone including a cover letter, a winter reflection, a resume, verification of a college application, a college visit, a Virtual Learning unit, and many more.

Three points were needed before October 6th, in order to partake in the fall Capstone

Day on October 11th.

“Towards 80 percent [of the seniors] completed capstone points. About 80 percent of those who completed, took attendance. I had about 35 students attend in the morning until they were able to complete their three points,” Mrs. Muller, Capstone coordinator, said.

Even though the Capstone point due date is not until January, some LPHS seniors have completed their assignments early.

“I started on Capstone early because I have a lot on my plate, and when I find extra time to just get going, I like to take advantage of it. I did the VLA classes, went to a FAFSA meeting and a couple more,” Danielle Walsh, LPHS senior, said.

Capstone is a very beneficial program to our seniors, offering an enticing incentive towards completing different activities that also help with preparation for their future. With a due date of January 10th, seniors should be advised to submit their six points on Canvas as soon as they are able to.


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