Humans of LPHS: Justin Nespo


“I remember getting my first [insulin] shot because it was the day that I came back from the hospital, and I went to the school the next day. I remember getting the shot in the morning and then going to school and having to stay in the nurse’s office all day to explain it all to her. It [diabetes] sometimes interferes with things I do. Like if I’m with my friends, or doing sports, I have to keep an eye on what I do. Once, I had ketones in the morning, and I had a cheer competition that same day, so I was trying to treat it, like, drink water and stuff. And it just wasn’t working, and I was throwing up a lot, so my mom was like, ‘We need to go to the hospital.’ So we went up to the hospital, and they were doing a lot of blood tests and stuff. And then they were going to have to take me to Riley Hospital in Indianapolis, but they ended up getting everything right. I stayed in the hospital that night.”

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