Humans of LPHS: Roberto Rosales


“I’m proud to be Mexican because I take pride in my country and I love my country. Everybody should be proud to be who they are, and I am proud of myself and my race.

I’ve gone there[Monterrey, Mexico] once for Halloween.Over there it’s the Day of the Dead, I put skull paint on, my cousin did it because she’s an expert on it. We went around and got candy and went to a big festival in the city part, we don’t really live in the city. We live out more in the townish part. We went to the city for a big festival. There were pinatas, confetti, and fireworks that were really cool.They made a firework that was a big skull and stuff that was really cool.

Parties are really crazy there. A party could start early in the afternoon and end the next day in the morning.The festival that I went to started at like four and and didn’t end till the next morning.”


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