Poms prepares for upcoming season


The LaPorte High School Poms team is ready for an extraordinary season.

    Most often seen performing at halftime at LPHS basketball games, the Poms team is prepared to blow everybody away.

    This year’s music and routines are planned to be better than ever, and the girls hope to entertain the crowd like never before.

    “This year we will be adding a little more technique, as well as mashups and throwback songs. We plan on incorporating hip-hop, jazz, and pom into our routines,” Kaitlyn Waldschmidt, senior, said.

    After performing at the 2017 Homecoming Pep Rally, the team is excited to show everyone what they have been working hard to perfect. The group of girls has come together to form a strong, well-balanced team, causing their performances to exceed the crowd’s expectations.

    “Our team has such a strong bond, and you can really feel it at practice, and it comes off in our dancing as well. I absolutely love my team members, and the fact that I am able to be involved in a club that I am passionate about,” Breanna Foster, junior, said.

   While the girls are looking forward to the upcoming season, the seniors are finding it bittersweet. Seniors experience many “last firsts” throughout the year, but athletes seem to find them more difficult.

    “This year is the final year. This is my last chance to dance with my team,” Amethyst Worthey, senior, said.

    While their senior season might bring sadness, the girls are using their last year as an opportunity to shine.

    “This year is wonderful because, being a senior, I am a co-captain. I love the 2017-2018 season because I, along with the other seniors, are responsible for organizing a lot of what we do such as routines, music, etc.,” Waldschmidt said.

    Many of the girls have found Poms to bring them more opportunities than just dancing at the basketball games. Whether they have been dancing for several years or only for a short period of time, the girls are able to take their skills and dedication far.

    “Poms has offered me so many opportunities I would have never had without it. I’ve performed in the Philly Thanksgiving Day Parade, the London New Year’s Day Parade, and this December I will be performing in the Disney Christmas Day Parade. They all were once in a lifetime experiences,” Worthey said.

    Whether they plan to only dance in high school or decide to take Poms further, there is a strong amount of dedication and love towards the sport that comes from every girl. Halftimes at LPHS have never been so fun.

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