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Winter Guard dances it’s way into the season

It is that time of the year again when Color Guard packs up, and the Winter Guard comes into the spotlight.

The LPHS Winter Guard team has consistently been one of the top teams in the Midwest Region, often qualifying for the World Competition.

Winter Guard is almost the same as Color Guard, but they no longer perform with the Marching Band, and there is more dance involved. Winter Guard is a sport that is challenging and requires a great deal of physical and mental training.

Tryouts for Winter Guard usually happen beginning of November. Instead of having individual tryouts, those taking part do a dance routine. People can be judged off of footing, rhythm, and how they do overall. After two to three hours of tryouts, people will be cut or put on the team.

“The process of trying out is really difficult. First we warm-up, and stretch, so we do not

pull anything. After that it is pretty much just dancing and working with our coach Lorenzo,” Lukas Couch, junior, said.  

The LPHS winter guard partakes in competitions each year. Teams take turns in performing their show and are then judged based on how well they performed. Every team competes for first place, while trying their best and having a good time. Each competition is usually the same except for the results.

¨We normally compete in gymnasiums mainly because it is more comfortable for us, but once we get to sectionals, regionals, etc. we might perform in a small stadium just because it is more professional,” Roziland McCoy, freshman, said.

Teams all over Northern Indiana, Illinois, and Southern Michigan compete with each other. The team spends almost every weekend traveling around the region and even hosts a tournament of its own.

The coach/choreographer is Lorenzo Medrano. He normally coaches at schools in Illinois, but he also dedicates his time to Winter Guard team at LPHS.

¨Lorenzo is great! He works with us individually and together so we can get what we need down and what we as a team need to get down,” Jillian Bell, sophomore, said.

Even though the season has just recently started, many already have their goals for the season set in stone. Being that the team is often wildly successful, the hopes are high for the team.

¨I hope this season will be good. We have a very mysterious theme, and a good recital. We really hope this will be a good season,” Tyla Gross, junior, said.


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