Humans of LP: Isaiah Wilson


“I’m in Speech and Debate, and I loved it when I started doing it my freshman year. I’ve been in Speech and Debate for four years, so I’m varsity. What I do is radio, but there are like 11 other events you can do. All of them you do something different. In radio, you get into a room and then you sit down talk into a microphone and nobody sees you. You’re there by yourself, but the judges are listening to you. Speech and Debate meets take place on Saturdays. I mainly did Speech and Debate for my resume for colleges. I also do the announcements in the morning. Mr. Wszolek, the speech and debate coach, asked me to do the morning announcements, so I decided I would. I’ve done the morning announcements all last year, and I rotate doing the announcements this year because I didn’t want to do it all year.”


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