Humans of LPHS: Mrs. Rice


“Mr. Sherrick and another teacher who is no longer here liked to pull pranks on me. So does Mr. Lindeman. Mr. Lindeman likes to hang my stuffed mole. He’s does a very good noose. I’ve come into my room many times to find my moles hanging, a noose around their poor necks. Mr. Sherrick and Mr. Castle have stacked all of my tables and chairs in one corner of my room, put my moles outside the windows and taped them there, so they were looking in with their faces smooshed against the window saying ‘help me.’ They turned my license plate upside down on my car, which I then got pulled over for. The cop was laughing at me, saying, ‘Do you know your license plate is turned upside down?’ And I said, ‘What are you talking about?’ They really like to pull pranks on me. I really haven’t gotten them back. I don’t come up with those kinds of ideas. They did give me a cake for turning my license plate upside down, though. It was a license plate cake.”

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