Humans of LPHS: Mr. Gangwer


“The whole aspect of me becoming a teacher goes as far back as second or third grade. I think I was a challenge for a lot of teachers. I wasn’t bad. I just needed to be on task and have something for me to do, or I would do whatever I wanted. My second and third grade teachers were just outstanding. Mrs. Rambo and Mrs. Shehorn, my first grade teachers, were just so patient, and they just made education fun. Back when I was in school, there were parameters. But as I got older, people started talking about – like you guys do right now- you’re finding out what you’re good at, what that equates into a lifetime and an occupation and where you’re going to go to school. So I just really felt that was my calling. I gave everything else not close to being a chance.

I came back here and had an interview, and it wasn’t really an interview. It was more like ‘When can you start?’ The superintendent was the dad of a kid I ran track with, the assistant superintendent was the dad of a couple of people I went to school with, and the principal was the father of the guy I doubled to the prom with me senior year. So it was kinda typical LaPorte, where everyone knew everybody, but this was a good thing. I came back and have been here for 40 years. To be honest, I don’t regret one second of it. You got to make what it is, and sometimes you gotta make what it isn’t. So I just come everyday ready to roll. People wanna know why I’m teaching as long as I am. I’m 65 years old, and a lot of my friends have already retired, but I don’t have a plan B yet. I’m just doing my A game, and that is it. One of these days, I’ll just decide I’m done and walk out of here, not like during class or anything, but at the end of the year. Right now, I don’t even entertain that thought process yet.”

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