Humans of LPHS: Brandon Gurrola


“It happened right after play rehearsal on a Saturday. My friend Max Principe, who graduated last year, and I decided it would be a smart idea to do the lift from Dirty Dancing on concrete. So, I went ahead and ran back as far as I could and started dashing straight towards him, and I jumped. But, when I jumped, we kinda both messed up, and he ended up like half-catching me, and I kinda jumped into his chest. It was kind of a weird situation there, but then I fell down and shattered my radius, which just another word for elbow. People actually didn’t believe that I hurt my elbow, and it wasn’t until I got home two hours later that I was like, ‘Oh hey, I need to go to a doctor.’ So, I needed to get surgery, and I still can’t use most of my left arm, but progress is happening. I guess if you’re going to attempt the lift, try to do it in water first.”

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