Humans of LP: Mr. Mandeville


“One of the biggest influences in my life that helped me to get into education teacher was my uncle. His name his Harlen, and he was a teacher at South Central High School. He became a principal, and so one of the reasons I really respected him and looked up to him was because of all the different things he could do and all the community. He also worked with the kids, coached, and he also did a lot of things with them outside of school. My uncle had a small farm, and the kids would come out and work there, and I just saw the relationship that he had with them, and I thought that was really inspiring. He was able to have a little impact on their life, so he always seemed to enjoy what he was doing as well, and I just thought that looks like an amazing things that I would like to accomplish one day. So yeah, he was a huge impact on my life, and he is what made me want to be a teacher.”

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