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What is Net Neutrality?

The Internet has always been open to the United States. The country has the option to search anything they want, to access social media like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, or Instagram, and most of this can be done without any restrictions and limitations.

All of these freedoms are thanks to Net Neutrality [NN], which is essentially a principle that keeps Internet service providers from limiting the content and applications their customers can access and from blocking or favoring specific websites. In shorter terms, NN allows people to access all websites for free and all for the same streaming speed. Without it, companies like Comcast and Verizon can choose at what speed each website can be set and even what users can see in general.

“I think the Internet should be open to everyone without restrictions. That doesn’t benefit us at all,” Colin Hay, senior, said.

This has been a discussion for much longer than just these past few weeks; there was no concrete decision on NN until 2015, when the Obama administration declared that NN be solidly put into place during his time as president.

“In my opinion, I think Obama’s plan is better. I just feel like Trump’s plan is too restrictive. Everyone should be able to access sites like Snapchat and Twitter and stuff,” Meghan Pointon, senior, said.

The Trump administration has stated that Trump’s next order of business is to revoke the agreement passed by Obama’s administration. The Federal Communications Commission will vote on whether to hold the policy or repeal it on December 14th.

Although Net Neutrality will benefit certain streaming companies, it will ultimately hurt consumers and could potentially harm smaller companies, not to mention that the majority of consumers are completely against the change.

Those against the repeal of Net Neutrality can visit

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